Safer Internet Day, 2/11/14

Let's Create A Safer Internet Together


On Tuesday, February 11th, Commack High School will harness the power of social media, to make the Internet a Safer Place for EVERYONE. Technology offers endless opportunities to spread messages of love, hope and tolerance. We must use our resources to promote human kindness, and compassion, rather than isolation and hatred. Let's be certain that our DIGITAL FOOTPRINT is one that we can be proud of! By tweeting positive messages, to, at #SID2014, and

#ONEGOODTHING at, Commack High School be be involved in a Global Initiative, to make the Digital World a Community of Caring. While #SID2014, is a Global Initiative, the United States is participating with #onegoodthing. For more info. check out

What is the Commack Coalition of Caring, Youth Sector?

The Commack Coalition of Caring, Youth Sector, is a group of CHS Students, Staff and Community Members, collaborating, to reduce risk factors leading to substance abuse. Part of our mission, is to end Cyber-Bullying, within the Commack Community.