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Install Your Holiday Lighting the Professional Way

Annually we have thousands of customers who give us a call to get advice about their holiday lighting and something of their biggest concerns you are able to get a straight professional look along their roof line. Purchasing and using the right products won't make your project look better when it is done but your Christmas Lights is going to be safer to operate as well. Despite popular belief it isn't using staples which will give you the best look and safest installation (don't let me know you haven't stapled through your lights while installing them or come back the next year to rusted fragments of last year's Lighting Job still hanging on your own roof line, we see and hear about it constantly). Instead do yourself a favor and get Christmas Light Clips!

When hanging outdoor Christmas lights, it's helpful to know which supplies you will need and the method you need to use to hang outdoor Christmas lights before beginning. The supplies and techniques differ based on the roof type. If you are planning to hang outdoor Christmas lights on gutters, under shingles, or under tiles, there are several basic light clips that you ought to invest in for your next job and we will detail the advantages of each here for you. And remember if you prefer a clean, consistent look, yes you will need a clip for each and every bulb.

Most people will be able to utilize the All-In-One clip best on their own homes. It is great for use with C7 & C9 light line as well as Mini Lights (for anyone haven't been converted to the advantages of using the C7 & C9 lights exclusively). Christmas All-In-One Clips can be placed on a gutter, under shingles or on roof tiles, and so are very easy to hang. Place all bulbs into the Christmas All-In-One Clips before hanging any of the lights, this will make the job of hanging Christmas lights easier.

All-In-One Clips may be reused year after year. Remove the clip and light being a unit and carefully wrap lights for the following year. Christmas All-In-One Clips fit snuggly onto gutters and cannot slip or move. These clips should be used on every Christmas lamp to create an even, constant search for your Christmas display. All-In-One Clips can be hung under gutters as well as on facia edging.

Another option for installing Christmas Lights each house and Commercial Buildings will be the use of Shingle tabs either on their own for homes with shingle roofs or in combination with parapet clips for commercial installations in which you want to make installation easier year to year on flat roof lines. Shingle tabs work with both C7 and C9 lights. The greater hole is for C9 lights even though the smaller hole is made for C7 lights. Inserting C7 or C9 lamps is completed by placing the bulb on the one hand of the tab and also the socket on the other. Then screw the bulb into the socket. The plastic shingle tab is not going to overheat. Each bulb will need to have its own shingle tab and so the lights will hang straight and even. Place all bulbs to the shingle tabs just before hanging any of them. Christmas shingle tabs are then inserted under shingles. Christmas shingle tabs should fit snuggly under shingles and should not slip or move. In the event the shingle tab fits loosely under the shingles, fold the finish tabs down after which slide the shingle tab back beneath the shingle. This should hold it firmly in position. Shingle tabs may be reused year after year. Remove the tab and light as a unit and carefully wrap lights for next year.

When you want to use shingle tabs on commercial buildings or places with flat roofs or in which you can't slip a clip within roofing material parapet clips will allow you to. Parapet clips are basically a little, flat plastic piece that the Shingle Tabs can slide onto. The parapet clips can stay up year round so that all you have to remove each year is the light line with shingle tabs, the following year just slide the shingle tabs with light line back on and you're simply done, so easy.

Ferienwohnung Balmer See