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come visit the blackland prairie!! by: Gabriela lopez

weather and wildlife

The Blackland prairie runs through the red river of north Texas to San Antonio in south Texas. The elevation ranges from 300 feet in the south to 800 feet to the north. The average precipitation is about 35 inches in the west and 45 inches in the east. The soil here is great!! It is considered the richest soil in the world! The Brazos and Trinity rivers provide species such as, small game animals,song birds,waterfowl,and shore birds.

The Blackland prairie was formed by frequent wildfires. Because the soil in the Blackland prairie is full of nutrients and very fertile, it can sympliy be dragged up by the wind and deposited into another area. The land forms range from gently rolling hills to level land.

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Come join thousands of other people with this spectacular view! don't you want to be one to experience this amazing region? you can plant, fish, hunt,bird watch, and much more!