Managing a Heart Conditions

Enjoy Adventures in Jaipur While Managing a Heart Condition

India has many popular tourist attractions where people from all over the world come to enjoy the rich culture of the land as well as the adrenaline rush that the rough terrains of the land promise. Of all the major cities, Jaipur is one city where family vacationers, back packers as well as adventure enthusiasts come in equal numbers. Owing to this regular influx of tourists the city’s infrastructure has also been developed to meet any medical or other emergencies that tourists coming here might face.

So, if you have been planning a trip to Jaipur in order to enjoy the adventure that the city offers, here’s all that you will enjoy doing:

  • Parasailing: You can always enjoy the sights of the city and the sandy flats below from high up in the air flying in a gas balloon.

  • Camel Polo: This is one activity that you are bound to enjoy in Jaipur. Nothing can match the experience of galloping on camel back to play the royal sport polo.

  • Kite Flying: Jaipur, is an ideal place for kite flying as here the wind speed is comparatively higher. You can either take part in the many kite flying festivals held here or organize a competition with your close knit group of friends.

So, when in Jaipur these activities are bound to give you the required excitement and adrenaline rush. However, if you really want to enjoy these activities without any hindrance, you will have to ensure that you are physically fit. It has been observed that people with low heart health, owed to the excess fatigue they are subjected to during such adventure sports, often complain of discomfort in the heart. As such, if you too are prone to similar issues, make sure that you take due precautions before participating in such sports.

So, here’s how you can prevent and manage heart complications while engaging in such exciting activities in Jaipur:

  • Get a Thorough Check up Before the Start of the Journey: Be it people with a heart condition or those without any, getting a thorough medical checkup before leaving for a trip must be considered a mandatory thing to do.

  • Carry the Emergency Meds: If you have a prior heart condition, you should always carry emergency medications like nitroglycerin and aspirin if these are not contraindicated. Such, medications will always give you the much needed time required to reach the hospital safely in the event of any emergency like a heart attack.

  • Carry the Daily Use Medicines: When you are planning to embark on a journey always carry the pills that you have been prescribed for daily consumption. This will help in maintaining your overall health even when you are not in your comfort zone.

Therefore, if you have all these precautions in place, you can certainly manage any critical condition. Moreover, if you are in Jaipur and have to face any such emergency, you really need not worry as there are renowned cardiologists in Jaipur who will be able to handle any kind of heart related emergency. The city has excellent health care facilities and you can be rest assured of getting the best care when you are in Jaipur and facing an emergency during a vacation.

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