Nora's Monday S'more

School's Out...But Not for Long!

Your To-Do List, Madam:

  1. 7am wakey, wakey, little one!
  2. take Louie on a quick walk before mom leaves at 7:40
  3. breakfast, teeth, make bed
  4. work on your daily list for about 30 minutes
  5. chill out time for about 30 minutes
  6. time to get your school clothes going: pull out all of your shorts, underwear, and pants
  7. put them in to one of these 3 piles: 1. too small/don't like 2. like, but can't wear to school 3. can wear to school
  8. Put the "too small/don't like clothes" in a stack on top of the washing machine
  9. Brain break from the links below that he found for you
  10. Lunch and chill time for 1 hour
  11. finish your daily chore list
  12. Vacuum (with the big vacuum cleaner) the rug in the sunroom
  13. oh yes, and please empty the dishwasher - thank you, schmoopy!
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