Raising Money for your Campaign

Federal Election Campaign Finance Act of 1971

  • You must state where you are getting your money from and where the money is directed toward in your campaign.
  • There is a limit to the amount of money an individual can donate to your campaign.

Presidential Election Campaign Fund

  • You can qualify for this if you raise $100,000 for your campaign on your own.
  • The two major parties get an equal share of the fund as long as they do not accept any other direct donations.
  • These funds are raised by taxpayers who agreed to donate $3 on their tax form.

Soft Money

  • You may not be able to accept donations directly, but your party can.
  • This money can only be used for general expenses.
  • Your party CAN, however, use this money to endorse your campaign through television advertisements.

Political Action Committees

  • Groups formed to provide money to candidates.
  • Often created by labor unions, corporations, or special interest groups.
  • Contribute money to the parties that share their views.
  • Most of the money is given to the incumbent.