Diego Rivera Project-Spanish

Zoe Blue

3 Role models

  1. My Parents- I chose my Mom as my first role model because i always look up to her to tell me what is right and wrong. And my mom inspired me and gave me my love for singing.
  2. Whitney Houston- I chose Whitney Houston as a role model because she is another inspiration for me in singing i always loved her music and singing her songs.
  3. Dad- My final role model is my dad he is the reason i love sports he taught me how to play Basketball and a little bit of Soccer.He inspired my also to sing.

3 Interests or Hobbies

  1. My first interest is Singing i love singing and i always like challenging myself. Doing hard songs and hard chords.
  2. My second interest is Sewing i like sewing things like pillows and bags.
  3. My final interest is Sports. i like sports they very entertaining and very fun i enjoy playing and watching them

3 Important times in my life

  1. When i was born
  2. When both my sisters were born
  3. When my parents got married