REMINDER: Preordering for Lunches

New Process is for D41 Elementary Students Only

First Order Due TOMORROW January 5

Effective January 9th, District 41’s food service partner Quest will require preorders for all elementary school lunches. The preordering process will allow Quest to better provide the accurate number of lunches to each school building. This process is required for all elementary students including families who have approved fee waivers.

The first round of preorders will need to be completed by midnight TOMORROW January 5th for lunches during the following week starting on January 9th.

Preordering will be through an app/website called (MMO). In order to get started with MMO you must complete the following steps:

Step 1: Go to to login Click here

Step 2: Click here for instructions on how to locate your student’s ID. You will need your child’s school ID number to set up myMealOrder.

Step 3: Place your order by midnight on Thursday night for the following week.

Click Here for step by step instructions and screenshots of the process to preorder. (clic para espanol)

If you miss the preorder window and your child doesn’t have lunch from home, your child will be served a Sunbutter sandwich along with a snack and drink. The menus will be up in advance and families may preorder for more than one week at a time.

Please note, the above process is being used solely to collect lunch orders. The charges related to your orders will be automatically transferred to your PushCoin account and applied against your existing balance.

Thank you for your cooperation with this new process.