Adaptation PBL Raina

Xander jones

Why the movie director should pick mine.

The movie director should pick my animal and plant because I made them adapt to my planet and they do cool things.And there able to adapt and wont die easily.

Two favorite environmental conditions.

My two favorite environmental conditions are that there is poison and it rains like in our rain forests.And its wet a lot. The swamps make it flooded so the animals have to swim. if it doesn't adapt it will drown i like it because it needs to adapt to swimming across swamps.

Most important conditions.

I think the most important conditions are the poison because a human will die by touching the poison.Also it rains a lot. and there is a lot of swamps so the animal needs to swim to get across places. I like these because the animals need to adapt to it or else they will drown.

Favorite adaptations -producer.

My favorite adaptations are how it adapts to the poison and when it adapts its roots stem and leaves grow on poison.And it makes it look scary and makes it hard to get eaten.And it makes look scary to get eaten.

Favorite adaptation-consumer

My favorite adaptations are how it adapts to poison and becomes immune to it.And its sharp beak and talons and is very difficult to be eaten and makes it look ferocious and scary.I like these because they wont die because there is poison pretty much everywhere and they'll die.

expository paper

Have you ever let your imagination run wild and create a producer to withstand things not many animals on earth can with adaptations? Along with a consumer well I have and I did it to make a movie on my PBL on the planet Raina. I made a producer and consumer to survive on the planet with adaptations for example in Raina there is a lot of poison on Raina so the animal or plant has to adapt to the poison.

The first animal was a producer named spitter and certainly this is a ferocious plant. It's named Spitter because it can spit poison to defend and attack because animals in Raina like to attack. The spitters adaptations include behavioral and physical and because the roots and stem need to grow on poison.

My second animal is a consumer named Lird without a doubt this animal is a scary animal. Its adaptations are physical because of its sharp beak, talons,and claws. The Lirds sharp beak and talons can pretty much pierce through anything it has this to defend and attack because animals in raina like to attack. The lird can camouflage like a chameleon from the colors white to green camo. The camo is to hide because animals in Raina like to attack.

Indeed the Lird is scary and fearsome,of course the spitters deadly and horrifying. My animals live on Raina and adapt to the planet Raina
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