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Create "e-Mazing" Presentations with eMaze!


As much as I love Google and their apps for various uses in the classroom, one that I don't particularly use much is Slides. Not because I don't like it, but because students enjoy being engaged and "awed" with the delivery of content. One way to create an engaging, amazing presentation is with the help of eMaze, an awesome site dedicated to developing custom presentations. There are ranges of formats available, from motion graphics to 3-D customization, this site makes those boring Slides or PowerPoint presentations much more exciting.

Signing Up

Once you navigate to emaze, you’re given the option to sign up using Facebook or by providing your e-mail address and giving a password. You’re then able to insert all of the other information to register. From the home screen, you can create an emaze presentation from scratch, or upload an existing PowerPoint to "e-mazify" your presentation.

The Home Screen

Once you’re all set up, your home screen will be presented and you're ready to get started. Two options at the top are the Shared and Explore options. The Shared option allows you to view all of your presentations shared with others. But, the coolest part is the Explore option, which is where you can browse presentations created by others to use in your classroom!

Creating a New Presentation

Once you click on “New Presentation,” you’re asked to select a template. If you hover over each one, you are able to see the actions and design features of the presentation. This is easily the best feature of emaze. There are so many engaging templates, it's hard to choose one. (My personal favorite is the art gallery template). Once your template is selected, you are able to view the design interface and begin creating your masterpiece.

Share it with the World

Once you’ve worked on your presentation and are ready to display it to the world, you can select the SHARE option. There, you are given several options to release your presentation beyond the emaze scope. There are also options for you to share your presentation on social media, or even collaborate with other emaze users if you'd like!

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