Reflections from the Gala

"An Evening with Annelies" Sept 18 2022

An Evening with Annelies Gala :: OUT OF THE FRAME

Hello Dear Ones,

Thank you all for attending An Evening with Annelies, Conduit for Change, LLC's 14th year celebration! Thank YOU for being a big part of this journey with me. Happy anniversary to all of us!

What was it like for you to witness coaching in another? Did you use the Teeny Tiny Rituals: Intention Teepee and Letting Go Lounge? How was that for you? I'd love your feedback.

What conversations with others were inspiring to you? What surprised you about the whole experience? Let's talk. Over the next few weeks, I'll do my very best to reach out to every one of you personally who attended to ask about your experience.

Here's what you've said...

  • "What a huge room full of inspired positive people! How rare!”
  • "I didn't think I'd ever be in a space with so much diversity and similarity. I felt at home."
  • "I feel so hopeful, this was so different, so interesting, so... powerful."
  • "I've heard of I know what it really is! I had no idea this was available to me."
  • "This experience reminded me of what I really need to be paying attention to.... myself and self-care."
  • "I don't have to talk about my past? I can move forward without rehashing?? Sign me up."
  • "What a beautiful space, beautiful place and I really loved the teeny tiny rituals. Those were special and I used them both. I feel lighter. Thank you."

SHARE THE LOVE. The reality is more people need to know about me. More people can benefit by experiencing what I do as a coach and speaker. Kindly, refer me. This may be easier to do after you've witnessed how I help people through coaching. Maybe, the person is you. That's the best way to share the love. Thank you. 💞

Speaking of sharing the love...

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO DIONNE WHITAKER! She received a Speaking Engagement Special for her company! A 3K Value! I'll contact you!
  • Did you put your name in the Give-a-way jar too? I've a special something for you too! Expect a call in the next week or so.
  • Congratulations to all those who received gifts of my Audiobook, Creativity Retreat and Coaching Sessions during the give-a-way! A combined $700 Value! Enjoy and please contact me to schedule your sessions.

You've coached with me, brought me in to speak at your company, attended my classes and retreats, purchased and shared my book, read my newsletters, and commissioned my art. Most importantly, you've shared your leader-shifted self with those you lead, rippling goodness. That's what matters most.

What began as an anniversary business celebration evolved to become an Insight Party.
Insight into…

  • why are we here?
  • what’s truly important?
  • what’s showing up as missing?
  • what’s the next right step?
  • what are the important conversations to have in the meantime?

Deep connections were made. Valuable transformative moments occurred. Creativity flourished. People talked. Most importantly… people listened. People felt safe, felt a sense of belonging and they were heard. Powerful stuff. And yes, rare. But we can change that.

YOU continue to make this journey possible. The world is a better kinder place when we do our own deep listening work first. Change might be intimidating but its way better than trying to stop change. You don't know what you don't know. Continue to do your part. Thank you.

If you missed it...

In the meantime... take care of you.

Love and light, Annelies

Annelies M Gentile MA, PCC

Empowering people, inspiring ideas and fostering change. Conduit for Change, LLC