Suamico Staff News

Week of October 28 - November 1

Ryan's Schedule This Week:


9:20 am - Elementary Principal Bridge Call

10:30 am - LEAN Training for Kristin Ashley (SU)


7:40 am - SLO with K Team

7:55 am - SLO with Grade 2

8:10 - SLO with Grade 3

10:30 am - K Team Goals Conference

4:00 pm - Parent / Teacher Conferences


7:30 am - Principal Goals Conference with Dennis Krueger

12:30 pm - Educator Effectiveness Meeting (FG)

4:30 pm - Family Fun Night

Thursday (No Students; Staff finished at 11:30 am)

During the Morning (earlier is better) - Teacher picks at Book Fair

8:00 - Parent / Teacher Conferences

8:00 am - P/T Conference for Myles (LV)

10:00 am - P/T Conference for Cole (MB)

10:30 am - Meet with Early Childhood Staff (FG)

Friday (No Students / Staff)

I will likely be working if you need me for anything.

PM Bus Duty

10/28 to 10/30 - Werlein

11/4 to 11/8 - White

11/11 to 11/15 - Prien

Pledge Schedule

Upcoming Pledge Schedule

10/28 to 10/30 - Culligan

11/4 to 11/8 - Werlein

11/11 to 11/15 - Hallam

Parent / Teacher Conferences - Thursday October 24 (4:00-7:30 pm), Tuesday October 29 (4:00-7:30 pm), Wednesday October 31 (8:00-11:00 am)

Please be sure to prepare well for your Parent / Teacher Conferences. For many of your families, this will be the parent's first impression of you as a teacher and instructor. At the same time, keep your conference focused and offer to meet again later if needed.

Remember that the PTO is serving dinner on October 29!!!

Book Fair - October 29 and 30 (Teacher Picks on October 31)

The Book Fair will be open for Conferences on Tuesday, October 29 and then again at Family Fun Night on Wednesday, October 30.

On Thursday, October 31, teachers will be invited to stop into the Book Fair in the morning. The amount that you can spend will be based on how much money the Book Fair makes. There was some discussion about teachers picking out 6-packs of books that could be donated to the book room, but the majority of teachers were not in favor of this. Please put this event on your calendar (Book Fair Teacher Picks - Thursday, October 31 in the morning).

Family Fun Night - Wednesday, October 30

Family Fun Night is on Wednesday, October 30 from 4:30 - 7:30 pm. This is a fun evening for families which includes Pancake Man, me as the DJ, a science show (Lynn Dehnel - one of our parents), the Book Fair, kids games and more.

Please do what you can to join us for part of the evening. We can use your assistance in the cafeteria to help clean tables when families are done eating. Your engagement in this evening sends a great message to parents and families. Thanks!