Get the Inside Scoop to Help You Succeed in High School

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What will these two days look like?

March 23rd

To kick off the event, the OVCA High School Student Council will share with rising 9th graders their tips and tricks for having a successful start to their high school careers. They will also answer questions pertaining to their experience.

Next, our College and Career Readiness Coordinator, Katie McAskill, will share with student the various opportunities that will be available to them during their high school career that will prepare them life after graduation.

March 24th

On the second day of the event, our academic counselors will share with rising freshmen the academic expectations that students will need to know to have a successful experience in high school. Topics that will be covered include credits, graduation plans, and 9th grade courses.

For more information please contact:

Evan Warren

9th Grade Engagement Specialist