This book isn't fat it's fabulous

by: anna beck

lexile level:750

Riley is a proud plus size!!

Riley thinks god made everyone for a reason,different shapes and sizes.She loves her and her body.

favorite part/scene

when Riley freaks out about going to fat camp she thinks its offensive and rude her dad is sending her.Also when she tried running in gym class and face plants because she tripped her self with her foot!


Riley lives in New York;New York,but when her dad sends her to fat camp things change.Riley is going to up state new York and she thinks it smells like cat pee and there's too many trees.Over spring break she makes friends and gets a new crush,Eric.Once the director and Eric's mom finds out she forces Riley to leave camp because shes distracted from what needs to be done,loosing weight.Over the summer she goes back and proves that she can stay and wont get distracted.