What is BHA and BHT?

Hayden Lively

Chemical name

BHA-Butylated Hydroxyanisole
BHT-Butylated Hydroxytoluenee
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What is it???

They are food additives used to preserve fats.

What type of foods is it designed to be used in???

Sausage, meat, patties, burgers, hotdogs, cereals, gum, chips, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

What does it do???

They are antioxidants, BHA and BHT protect fats and oils. oxygen interferes with the oxidation not allowing the oxidization of fats and oils.

Reason 1

BHA &BHT both cause cancer:
-The international agency for research on cancer consider BHA & BHT carcinogens to humans.
-According to the center for science BHA & BHT have caused cancer in animal studies.
-U.S. department of health and human services has said BHA & BHT a human carcinogen that the FDA approves.

Reason 2

Hyperactivity in Children:
-Dr. Benjamin Feigngold showed from his studies BHT can cause hyperactivity in kids.
-Dr. Cristin Lloza Farlow says BHT can possibly cause behavioral problems
-BHT can also cause autism

Reason 3

Birth Defects:
-Researchers show that pregnant mice their brain enzymes have changed and it has affected their weight.
-BHT has been banned from England due to birth defects.
-BHT can also cause infertility


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