Brody Failor


Initially we will need 400 members of society to volunteer as teachers. Teacher will be taught how to teach so there will be a universal way of teaching. 100 teachers who excel in the following subjects; Math, Language, Science, and History. This is to ensure that the class sizes are kept in moderation to the population so that class sizes do not get to large. These volunteers can be either male or female, however due to the agrarian state in which we are in, we suggest that females volunteer for these positions so that males can partake in manual labor related tasks. As time progresses so will the process of how members of society become teachers.

Stage One

At the age of 4 all members of society will be required to start attending school. You will learn the basic subjects of Math, Language, Science, and History. You will attend separate classes for each subject. You will attend each class for 90 min each day. At 11:30 everyone will receive a one hour break set aside for lunch. Each year that you progress the difficulty of classes will increase.

Stage Two

At the age of fourteen, students will decide in which occupation they will contribute to society and then start the learning process of that trade. The time in which it will take to complete this second stage will be determined by the difficulty of the trade in which they wish to learn.

Acceptance and Punishment

With the help of you all we will make this way of education the normal and accepted way of society through the means of tradition. Members who are dissent or deviant to these ways will be subject to time in prison or even evicted from society and the benefits that it produces.


The way in which the payment of teachers will work as followed. Once a student has completed both the first and second stages of education, they will be required to compensate those who educated them. Each member of society will be required to make a one-time payment of ten percent of there first year’s earnings to their teacher. So teachers from each subject will earn two percent of each members first year salary.