Concentration Camps

Madison Flaggard


Dachau was a concentration camp located near Munich. Dachau was under control of Heinrich Himmler the head of elite Nazi guard. Dachau was the first concentration camp that opened in 1933. This camp mainly contained political prisoners, but then it evolved into a death camp that killed thousands of Jews from gas chambers, to over working, and starvation. Over the years there was many death, and medical experiments that were tested on the prisoners. The picture below is a picture of Dachau.
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Belzec was first put into operation on March 17, 1942, and ended operations in December of 1942. There was 3 gas chambers using carbon monoxide wood burning, but were replaced by 6 gas chambers latter on. The death number was 500-600,00 people in total. Belzec was pretty small only being 1,220 yards. It was split into 2 sections. The first camp was in 2 smaller areas with administrative buildings, and the other contained the train tracks, and station. The second camp was the burial and extermination area that was sectioned off from the prisoners by fencing and vines.
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Sobibor was the second Nazi camp to open and come into operation. Operation lasted from March 1942 to October 1943. About 250,00 people were killed most being Jews. There were 2 camps divided into 3 sections barracks, and storage:; and finally cremation , and burial areas. It measured 1,300 by 2,00 feet. The second camp was an area that was spur lines, and the train stations. From May 1942 to July 1942 about 100,00 Jews were murdered. Between August and September the executions stopped, and the rail roads were being repaired.