CDW Weekly Wrap-Up

January 28, 2022

A Message from Ms. Santa

Marking Period 2 Report Cards Coming Soon!

Marking Period 2 closed on Thursday, January 27th. At that time, the teachers began finalizing Marking Period 2 and Cycle 2 grades for your child(ren)'s Report Card(s). If all of your forms are completed and up-to-date, the Report Card will be available for viewing on the Genesis Parent Portal on Tuesday, February 1st at 12:00 PM.

At the bottom of each CDW Weekly Wrap-Up are upcoming, important dates!


Morning Drop Off Update

The temperature continues to get colder, and we need to keep the morning drop off line moving. Please see the suggestions below so that your child(ren) is not considered late to school.

  • Doors to both gyms will be open between 8:00-8:05 AM so if it is possible, please drop your child(ren) off earlier.
  • Please start dismissing your child(ren) from the car at the beginning of the cones to help keep a steady flow of cars.
  • If you drop your child(ren) off before the cones, you are permitted to enter the right lane to exit school grounds. This will allow more vehicles to enter the drop-off lane.
  • Please do not pull off into the staff spots on the left to drop your child(ren) off.

As per the student handbook, homeroom begins at 8:25 AM so the doors to both gyms will be closed at that time. After 8:25 AM, drop off should occur in the front of the building so students can report to the office for a late pass.


Mrs. Hwang's 8th grade LEAP students Nina, Adam, Max, Ryan, and Matthew participated in the Inaugural LEAP Tank event! Inspired by the ABC show, "Shark Tank," these students teamed up to create authentic innovations by generating ideas, conducting market research, developing a business plan, and writing persuasive pitches.

Adam and Matthew pitched the idea for Jellyfish: A Subscription Management Service, and Nina, Ryan, and Max pitched Food Foundations: A Meal Kit Service for Kids. Each group presented their ideas to the judge's panel, which consisted of staff members and local community members. Please congratulate these students on their hard work!

Thank you to Mayor Kramer, Mr. Del Rosso, Mr. Butterworth, Dr. Da Giau, Mr. Rosolanko, and Ms. Santa for serving as the judge panel!

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CDW Film Festival

On Thursday, January 27th, Ms. DiPisa hosted a Film Festival for her Marking Period 1 and Marking Period 2 Creative Writing students. The students worked hard in class to produce short films that they were able to show off at the festival for all of the attendees to enjoy.
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PTO Club Highlight: The Science of Star Wars

Mr. Johnson is the advisor of this exciting PTO sponsored club. The students learn all about the science behind Star Wars. The club members watch clips from the movies, learn about how the films were made, and dive into the Science of how Star Wars really works. Mr. Johnson also guides the students through constructing their own lightsabers!

STEM: The Roller Coaster Challenge

The students in Ms. Mueller's 8th Grade STEM classes worked persistently on creating roller coasters. They first started the challenge by learning about potential and kinetic energy, and then moved on to trying out different simulations!

The students had to make sure that they had certain components when designing their roller coaster (see rubric below). One of the greatest challenges was making sure that it took the marble 15-30 seconds to go from the top to down into the cup. It was certainly suspenseful to watch!

NVOT Heroes and Cool Kids Club Visit CDW

The NVOT Heroes and Cool Kids program was designed for high school students to guide middle school students to make good choices by answering any questions they might have about high school and life.

The students visited with the Grade 6 students on Thursday, January 27th to provide a variety of fun and beneficial activities. The students had an opportunity to anonymously write down questions for the Question Box which then guided the discussions. The NVOT students also led a variety of wellness activities such as People Machine and the infamous Rock, Paper, Scissors. At the end, the Grade 6 students filled out a self-assessment sheet which will help lead them to success! We look forward to their next CDW visit!

Mr. L's Updates

Reminders and Updates from CDW's Student Manager

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CDW Knights Basketball Updates

After a rewarding week of basketball, the boys' basketball team, under the direction of Mr. Westervelt, has a record of 8-1, and the girls' basketball team, under the direction of Head Coach Ms. Vangelas and Assistant Coaches Ms. Corbett and Ms. Reiser, has a record of 9-0! Way to go Knights!

Click on the picture to the right to see the updated schedule.

Revised Playoff Dates

First Round to be played by 2/3 - TBD

Second Round to be played between 2/7 & 2/11 - TBD

Finals @ Northern Valley Demarest High School

Girls @ 4:15 PM

Boys @ 5:30 PM

Intramural Sports Program

Ms. Brock - Intramural Dates & Activities

February - BADMINTON

March through April - BASKETBALL


Remember, the intramural program runs throughout the year so medical information can be submitted when your child wants to join. Please submit all PPE / HHQ documents to Mrs. McCarthy ( and forward all intramural-related emails to Ms. Brock (

Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PPE)

Inter-Scholastic Sports and Intramurals

Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes

History Form

Concussion Management Guidelines

All of this information can also be found in the Student Handbook.


Important Reminders for Delayed Openings

On Thursday, CDW had a delayed opening. Since it was the first delayed opening of the 2021-2022 school year, here are important reminders for possible delayed openings in the future.
  • Staff will be available for drop off to begin at 9:30 AM.
  • Homeroom begins at 10:00 AM.
  • After 10:00 AM, students need to enter through the front door for a tardy pass. Please drive around to the front to drop them off since the other doors will be closed.

Dressing for the Weather

As the weather continues to get colder, it is important to send your child to school with the appropriate attire to attend outside Recess. Students are reminded during OTBN's morning announcements to bring their coats, gloves, scarves, and hats to lunch with them so that they are prepared for Recess.

8th Grade Updates: Information from NVOT About High School Conferences and Planning

In preparation for scheduling, NVOT now invites Students and Parents to view their Scheduling Information Presentation, particularly the Program of Studies & Course Selection Sheet: Program of Studies / Scheduling Information Presentation.

If you have not signed up for our child(ren)'s NVOT Conference, please sign up HERE as soon as possible. Refer to the letter sent via email from Ms. Santa on January 4th for more information.

Every 8th Grader has been invited to Mrs. Richardson's Google Classroom and has access to all high school information. If you have any further questions, please email Mrs. Richardson at

Grades 5, 6, 7 Parents

If your child is applying for admission to another school at any time (Private or Catholic) please contact Mrs. Richardson to let her know prior to requesting forms from the school.

Mrs. Richardson can be reached at 201-664-1475 ext 2203 or Speaking with Mrs. Richardson first will ensure a smooth application process.

Harry Potter Read-Aloud

Students are invited to join Ms. DiPisa in the library on Tuesdays during lunch to eat and listen to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

A sign out sheet will be available each Tuesday in the cafeteria. Students must sign out of lunch to attend.

Nex-Trex Plastic Recycling Challenge

We are collecting plastic film in the containers outside of CDW. Once a month, from October through April, our CDW students in the Environmental Justice classes will retrieve the collection bags, weigh the contents, and track our collections. Our custodians will then bring our recycling to the collection center. In April, we will find out how our school ranked in the collection of recyclable plastic film. If we collect the most in our school size category, we could win another Trex bench for our outdoor classroom! Please see the flyer below for more information!

As of January 7th, we have 410 lbs. of plastic!!!

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CDW Clubs 2021-2022

Updated information about the clubs that CDW offers will be posted onto our CDW Clubs Webpage. Students also hear OTBN Morning Announcements for more information.

More clubs will be added as their schedules are confirmed.

NJHS Information for the Current 7th Grade Students

Membership in the NJHS at Charles DeWolf Middle School will be open to seventh graders who meet the criteria at the end of the third marking period. Please visit the NJHS Webpage for more information.

Art Room Supplies Needed!

Please have your child bring the needed art supplies to Ms. Watters in Room 106.
  • Plastic Bags
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
We thank you in advance for your support!

See the Flyer from Ms. Watters HERE.

Chromebook Insurance Information

If you would like to purchase insurance for your child(ren)'s school issued Chromebook, please refer to the information below.
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Volunteers play a huge part in the PTO, and what they are able to offer our students and teachers. Without volunteers, many of the programs that students, teachers, and families enjoy will not be able to happen. Volunteer descriptions can be found at: under "More Info" and then "Flyers."

If you have interest in joining the PTO Board, joining or running a committee, or just want to learn more- please reach out to the PTO by visiting and selecting "Contact Old Tappan PTO" under the Help tab.

COVID-19 Reminder

If a member of your household has tested positive (or is waiting on Covid-19 test results), please do not send your child(ren) to school and contact Mrs. McCarthy, our school nurse, to inform her. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Santa or Mrs. McCarthy.

If Your Child is Not Feeling Well

In an effort to minimize the potential spread of illness (Covid or non-Covid) at school, please keep your child home if he/she:
  • has a fever. Students should be fever-free for 24 hours without medication prior to returning to school.
  • is nauseous or is vomiting.
  • has diarrhea

Due to Covid-19, if your child comes to school with the following symptoms, Mrs. McCarthy, our school nurse, will call you to pick up your child from school:

  • At least two of the following symptoms: fever, chills, rigors, myalgia, headache, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, congestion or runny nose; OR
  • At least one of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, new olfactory disorder, new taste disorder.

Any student who falls into one of the categories above will be required to have a negative Covid-19 test to return to school. If your child has a chronic illness with one or more of the above symptoms, please contact Mrs. McCarthy so she is aware.

Anytime your child is not feeling well, and will not attend school, please contact Mrs. McCarthy at 201-664-1475 ext. 2103.

Travel Quarantine Requirements- updated

The CDC has updated its guidelines regarding international travel. Starting November 8, students who travel internationally will not be required to quarantine following their return to the United States. The United States is requiring a negative Covid-19 test to re-enter the US (from any international destination), so quarantine will not be required. We still ask for families to monitor their child(ren) for symptoms upon their return and quarantine if symptoms surface.

You may visit the CDC Travel Website HERE.

Traffic Reminders


Please help keep our students safe during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up by practicing the following traffic rules.

1. Please do not enter the BOE parking to drop-off or pick-up your child(ren). Many of our students use that entrance to walk to their homeroom locations or pass through when walking home at the end of the day. We ask that you refrain from entering the BOE parking lot from 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM and from 2:30 PM to 3:10 PM.

2. Please do not drive through any of the staff parking spots along Interschool Drive. Students should have a clear - safe - path to the sidewalk as they exit their vehicles.

3. If you drop your child(ren) off before the traffic cones on Interschool Drive, you can enter the right lane. This change in lanes will expedite your exit off school property.


  • The drop-off line is a continuously moving line. Please do not park in the staff parking spaces along Interschool Drive to drop off your child(ren). Children are exiting their vehicles and heading towards the sidewalk, and this causes an unsafe walking zone.
  • Please remind your child(ren) to exit the vehicle and walk behind your car.
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) should not exit the vehicle. If your child(ren) needs assistance, the staff members are there to help.
  • Please do not use the right lane to drop off your child(ren). This lane is designated for cars moving through to the exit.


  • Please arrange a meeting area with your child(ren) so that you can locate them efficiently.
  • Please do not park and/or exit your vehicle regardless of your child(ren) being at TBD or CDW.
  • Please do not block designated emergency lanes that connect TBD and CDW.

General Traffic Rules Regarding Parking

  • Never park in a "No Parking, Fire Lane." These lanes are designated with yellow paint in diagonal lines on the pavement along with the words, "No Parking Fire Lane."
  • Never park along a curb that is painted yellow and leave your vehicle unattended.
  • Do not double park (park your vehicle beside another vehicle that is in a designated parking space).

Thanks for keeping our kids safe!

Mark Your Calendar


Tuesday, February 1st~ Report Cards for Marking Period 2 are available at 12:00 PM via the Genesis Parent Portal

Thursday, February 3rd~ PTO Lunar New Year Lunch (pre-order on the PTO website)

Thursday, February 10th~ 8th Grade Sharpe Parent Information Meeting at 6:00 PM

Monday, February 21st-Friday, February 25th~ February Recess- No School for Students

Old Tappan School Year Calendar - 2021-2022

Click here to view the calendar.