By: The Robbie Smothers

Political Points:

  • Georgia passes a law forbidding owners from manumitting slaves in their wills.
  • After pro-slavery Missourians cross the Kansas border to elect a territorial legislature, free state Kansas vote to outlaw slavery and set up their own capital at Topeka.

Social Point :

  • The Gadsden Purchase gave the United States a strip of land, which is now today's states New Mexico and Arizona.
  • The Kansas-Nebraska act caused the Emigrant Aid Society to encourages anti-slavery settlers to move to Kansas.

Economic Points:

  • The panic of 1857 was a financial panic in the United States caused by the declining international economy and over-expansion of the domestic economy. This panic was the first world wide economic crisis.
  • The railroad boom accrued in the 1850's in the north, but not as much in the south. The railroad boomed helped the United States economy a lot, along with the transportation became faster and cheaper from place to place, this helped out local companies.