3 Hour Diet

By: Taylor Davis

What is it?


-eat all your favorite foods as long as you eat every 3 hours and control your portion sizes

-eat 5 times a day including a tiny dessert

-eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking up (recommended to have breakfast at 7am)

-eat every 3 hours after that (lunch recommended at 1pm)

-stop eating 3 hours before bedtime (dinner recommended at 7pm)

Portion Sizes:

-meals = average 400 calories

-snacks = average 100 calories

-desserts = 50 calories

-total calories a day = 1450

-Rubik's cube: serving size of carbs

-Deck of cards: meat & proteins serving size

-water bottle cap: dressing & other fats serving size

*there are suggested meal plans that favor lean proteins and extra virgin olive oil


"there are no bad foods, only bad portion sizes"

-boosts body fat burning potential

-when you don't eat often, your body goes into "starvation" mode and conserves calories and stores fat so eating every 3 hours restarts your metabolism and is a way to avoid over eating

-you'll have more energy, less hunger, flatter tummy

-drop 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks and then 2 pounds a week after that

-no extra cost besides your usual grocery store shopping!

But... does it work?



-the restoring of your metabolism has no scientific proof to back up the claim

-very easy to gain weight instead of lose weight by over-eating

-the diet has no exercise program which isn't recommended when doing any weight-loss program or for any healthy life

positives/why people like it:

-has a safe calorie allotment for the day

-you can eat whatever you want = minimal effort

-easy to cheat

-no extra cost unless you buy the 3 hour diet cookbook or the 3 hour diet app

-includes all areas of the my food plate because you have no limitations on what you are eating