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Week of April 5th-9th

Welcome TK-2nd Grade Students Back to Campus!!

April is Autism Awareness, College and Career Awareness Month, and Social Justice Standard- Justice 14

Video- Animated Explanation of Autism-

Books- 14 Books to Read during national Autism Awareness Month-

Justice 14: Students will recognize that power and privilege influence relationships on interpersonal, intergroup and institutional levels and consider how they have been affected by those dynamics.

National Library Week

3rd-5th Grade Return to Campus Parent Orientation Meeting Wednesday, April 7th 5:30pm

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 867 8533 4486 Passcode: 618042

CCUSD Covid Community Pledge for Families Returning to Campus

ALL families with students returning to campus must complete the following form:

Covid Testing for Students

Hello Lin Howe families,

Effective April 5th, CCUSD health services team will be providing asymptomatic testing for students once a week for the first two weeks upon your student returning to school. Testing is optional, and you must give consent for your child to receive a test. To give consent, register your student using the link below or in the guide attached. Please read through the guide for further information on our testing and guidance on how to register. NOTE: This only applies to students returning to hybrid instruction (on campus) after spring break and it is free.

The first COVID test for the first week will be given Monday for Cohort A and Tuesday for Cohort B. The registration roster will be printed for myself on your students first day of school. Therefore, please register before your students first day of school. If you register after your student has already started hybrid learning on campus, then you will need to notify me directly via email.

On a separate note, if you haven’t received a Kinsa thermometer for your family, please email me. I will leave a thermometer and instructions with your child’s teacher, so your child can bring it home.

The following link is a video that demonstrates how the COVID test is performed.

COVID- 19 Testing Demonstration CLICK HERE

COVID Test Registration for STUDENTS

Please email me if you have any questions.



Travel Advisory

As we have shared in the past, the LA County Department of Public Health has issued and revised travel advisories during the course of the pandemic. At this time, the travel advisory is still in place. Residents of Los Angeles County are advised to only travel for essential purposes at this time.

For individuals who elect to travel despite the current advisory, the LA County Department of Public Health recommends the following:

  • Travel locally, within a 120-mile radius from your place of residence.
  • Get tested 1-3 days prior to travelling and 3-5 days after return. Do not travel if your test is positive, or if positive upon return, you must isolate for a minimum of 10 days (and until symptoms improve and you are afebrile for at least 24 hours if symptomatic illness occurs). Inform all close contacts within the 48 hours preceding onset of symptoms or within 48 hours of your positive test result if asymptomatic, of their potential exposure.
  • A 10-day quarantine is required after return to Los Angeles County after travel outside California, even if you have a negative COVID-19 test.

The above advisories apply regardless of an individual’s vaccination status.

Stop Asian Hate-Slideshow

Good morning teachers, staff, and community,

The recent spate of anti-Asian violence that culminated in the brutal murders of 6 Asian women in Atlanta last week has been heartbreaking, especially for those in the Asian American-Pacific Islander (AAPI). Anti-Asian racism has a long history in our society, and Culver City is no exception. Like last summer’s anguish in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, we are again needing to have important but distressing conversations with our children about racism and violence and hate. But as a community, it has been difficult to express our support of Asian children and their families in the midst of a pandemic where our children do not have the physical support of their teachers, staff, and friends. While an email to caregivers is a start, community support of our friends and neighbors is what is needed.

Over the summer, we expressed our support for Black children and their families in the midst of wide-spread anti-Black actions by creating a short video montage of pictures and videos with Black Lives Matter as a central focus. We are proposing that we do the same to show support for the Asian children and families in our school.

To that end, the Equity committee chairs of the PTAs at each school site are asking teachers, staff, and community members (caretakers and children alike) take a picture that explicitly and visibly shows support and solidarity for and with Asian families. One of the most prominent and impactful message around this violence and racism is “Stop Asian Hate” (or “Stop AAPI Hate”) which explicitly names these attacks and murders as hate crimes that will not be tolerated. But this is not the only message you can share, just an example.

In any case, through whatever you can contribute by creating such a statement – even just holding a sign – we can not only express our solidarity against racial hate, but can give you an opening to talk about racism and violence with your children and others.

If you’d like to participate, please submit here (preferred if you have a Google Account) or respond to LaToya Baldwin Clark ( with a picture or video of support and she will compile them with music that we can share with the community. The deadline is Friday, April 9. Such a visible show of support from all segments of our school community – teachers, staff, caretakers and children -- I hope will be evidence to everyone in our community that we do not tolerate hate and that we, as a community, are actively engaged in inclusion for all of our children and families.

PTA Meeting Thursday, April 8th- 6pm

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 851 6510 2471 Passcode: 948620

Our PTA Board election will take place during this meeting.

Historically, we haven't had two candidates running for the

same position, and therefore no need to hold a vote...but that

could be different this year!

Please be aware that per PTA rules, to participate in a vote

you must be a current PTA member. If you'd like to join or

renew your membership, you can do that here:

Pictures of Staff with Masks

In an effort to help our students recognize the adults on campus, please share with them this slideshow of staff photos with masks on.

5th grade Panoramic Picture Orders

5th Grade Parents!

The 5th grade Panorama is ready to order. Please follow the link below to

view the panorama and place your order online, or call CFP Studio directly

at 310-821-7500!

Big picture



code: 178343

*Families: Please select your student's original teacher from

this year, even if they have a new one now*

*Returning Families: Please UPDATE your student's teacher

to this year or it'll go to last year's class*

For those who prefer to pay with cash/check, order forms will be available in front of the office after Spring Break.

-Lin Howe PTA

CCUSD School Lawn Signs!

CCUSD School Lawn Signs!

Purchase lawn signs to support a 2021 Lin Howe graduate or promotion!

Or to show pride for your favorite Culver City school or CCUSD. You can

even sponsor a sign for a graduating Senior or promotion of an 8th grader.

Signs are great for students, parents, teachers, and staff! 15 signs to choose

from. 24″ by 18″ full color. Metal “H” stake included. Can also be displayed in

a window.

Lawn sign order pick-up will be coordinated by each school. Customers will be

contacted with specific pick-up date and time. Please indicate school location

for pick-up at checkout.

This fundraiser is sponsored by the Culver City Council of PTAs. All proceeds

for each school’s lawn sign sales will go to the individual school’s PTA/PTSA to

be reinvested back into your school.

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Counselor's Corner: Parent Pointers

Helping Student Cope with Back to Campus Emotions

Parent Session Recordings

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PM: (32:10 mins)

Presentation Slides

Additional Resources Parent Resources:

Upcoming School Holidays

Monday, May 31, Memorial Day

Friday, June 11, Last Day of School

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