Costa Rica

By Sabina and Bhavya


Costa Rica is in the heart of Central America. It touches the Atlantic and Pacific ocean covering 19,652 square miles. It only takes 3 hours to travel across Costa Rica and 45 minutes by plane. Costa Rica covers 0.03% of the surface of the globe. North of Costa Rica is Nicaragua and south to Costa Rica is Panama. It is a democratic republic. San José is the capital of Costa Rica.




The native language is spanish. Traditional languages are Bribri, Maleku, Guaymí, Cabécar and Boruca. However, the native people are not many.


The winter & rainy runs from May to November.

The summer season is from December through April


White-Peace & Honesty

Red-Hardiness, Bravery, Strength & Valor

Blue-Vigilance, Truth, Loyalty, Perseverance and Justice

Coat of arms-Covering the coat of arms are two branches of myrtle representing peace in Costa Rica. The volcanoes represent Costa Ricas mountains. The two oceans represent the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The ships sailing on the oceans represent the cultural and comercial exchange between Costa Rica and the rest of the world. The rising sun represents Costa Ricas prosperity. The seven stars above the volcanoes represent the seven provinces of Costa Rica.