UK Resident Student Association

January 2015

Welcome Back!!!

We are excited to kick off the Spring 2015 semester! Last semester RSA put on a record-breaking amount of programs and supported and visited many amazing programs that hall governments put on. We love to see all of the hard work through out the Residence Life department and to see everyone working so hard to make the UK on-campus living experience the best around. Please remember that if you have a program idea and need financial assistance, RSA is here for you. Have a great Spring Semester!

Hall Buddies

If you are a Resident Director or a President of your Halls Hall Government, please email your hall buddy AND Katie Flagg at and tell her when and how often your hall government meets. Don''t forget to make sure you are meeting at least bi-weekly this semester!

Hall Buddy Assignments:

Tiera Mason:

  • Kirwan 1
  • Kirwan Tower

Keisha Dawson:

  • Kirwan 2
  • Blanding 1
  • Blanding 2

Landon Perraut:

  • Woodland Glen 1
  • Smith

Christina Griffin:

  • Central
  • Roselle

John Hendrickson:

  • Baldwin
  • K4

Katie Flagg:

  • Champions Court 1
  • Champions Court 2
  • Haggin

Tiphani Baker:

  • Blanding 3
  • Woodland Glen 2

Nicole Bell:

  • Blanding 4
  • Blanding Tower
  • Ingles

Funding Request Process

How to:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the online form
  3. Present your program to the E-board
  4. If approved at the e-board, present at a General Assembly meeting
  5. If approved by the General Assembly, proceed with purchases
  6. Once purchases are made, supply a copy of your expenditure, receipt, and the RSA financial support form to the RSA mailbox at 516 Patterson Office Tower.
  7. Once you complete all the steps, the funds will be transferred into your halls account.

Executive Board Meeting Dates (301A Commons Building):

January 20

February 3

February 17

March 3

March 24

April 7

General Assembly Meeting Dates (William T. Young Library Gallery):

January 27 (Tye-dye theme)

February 10 (UK attire theme)

February 24 (Student Center 211)

March 10

March 31

April 14

RSA Pot Party

Thursday, Feb. 19th, 6-8pm

Classroom of Woodland Glen 2

Students will have the opportunity to decorate pots for sustainable house plants and flowers that they will get to plant and take home to liven up their residence hall rooms. This will be a fun, stress relieving activity where student can come express their creative sides, and socialize with other residents. There will also be FREE FOOD!!!!!