Henry Ford

Automobile and Business Pioneer 1863-1947

Achievements that impacted the world

1. Created the moving assembly line

2. Founded Ford Motors

3. Made first affordable car for the middle class

4. Invented first time clock

Early Life

On July 30, 1863 Henry Ford was born in a farmhouse in Detroit, Michigan. He was also the oldest child in his family. His mother was Mary and his father was William. His mother taught him responsibilities and duties and self reliance. She taught him to not rely on other people and do it himself.

How it all started

Henry was naturally a good mechanic and machinist . At the age of 16 he work at a mechanic shop where he saw the combustion engine. When Ford had free time he started to build cars.

Summary of his life

Henry Ford, an excellent mechanic and great machinist, invented the first assembly line which changed the mass production of cars and other products. He made it so the automobile wasn't just for the rich and wasn't just a toy. The Model T was the first affordable car for the middle class which was made in 1908. By 1916 he sold 720,000 Model T’s. The assembly line made it so we could mass produce products in a more productive way. This is still used worldwide. He also invented the first time clock for workers. Ford started a Foundation in 1936 which has donated $8 billion in grants worldwide. Ford Motors still is a worldwide company.