By Veda and Esha

Factual Information

Neptune is the eighth and the last planet in our solar system. It has eight moons and the biggest of the moons is called Triton. The distance from the Sun to Neptune is 2,798,000,000 miles (4,503,000,000 km). The distance between the Earth and Neptune is approximately 4.4 billion km away. Neptune's blue color is the result of a gas called "methane" in its atmosphere. Neptune's atmosphere is mainly Hydrogen (around 80%), Helium (around 19%) and Methane (around 1%). The temperature of Neptune can go down to 55 Kelvin or -218 degrees Celsius. Neptune consists of (molten) rock and metal, bounded by a blend of rock, water, ammonia, and methane. One year on Neptune would be 164.79 earth years for us, or 60,190 days. One day on Neptune would be 16 hours, 6 minutes and 36 seconds. The only problem is that Neptune isn't a single solid object like the terrestrial planets, so different parts of the planet rotate at different speeds. The gravitational pull on Earth and the gravitational pull on Neptune are very similar. The difference between the weights is about 15 pounds and on Neptune you would weigh more.

Creative Information

Neptune is an amazing planet..... a place you will definitely want to visit one day. Neptune is very luxurious but at the same time very interesting. Since Neptune is part of Greek Mythology, we wanted to incorporate some into our hotels. We have very luxurious hotels, with comfy beds, a nice spa in the lobby and a wonderful view of Neptune. We have Greek Mythology incorporated into our wonderful hotel and hope you enjoy it! We also have many resorts. We want you to relax on Neptune, so since Neptune is not made out of gas like the other outer planets we can have resorts. There many tourist attractions on Neptune. For instance, Neptune has the most "spots" out of the entire solar system. It had The New Dark Spot, The Scooter, and The Small Dark Spot. Interesting! Neptune has nitrogen geysers. That causing the most amazing park named Neptune Stone Park. There are also many activities to participate on Neptune. For instance, you can go cloud leaping. Neptune has many clouds so you can leap on them and have fun! We put trampolines under them so you won't fall through the clouds just so you know!

Factual and Creative Information

When we got to Neptune, we would take a Lander Spacecraft. This would be better than all the spacecrafts because it actually lands on Neptune. How long it takes to Neptune is not a fact. It all depends on what path you take and what state the planets are in orbit. Voyager went to Neptune on August 20, 1997 and reached Neptune on August 24, 1989. So, it took about two years for Voyager 2 to reach Neptune.
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