Experience 3

ICT for Learning through Inquiry in the Teaching of Physics

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Learning in an ICT-enriched Environment (Lesson Demonstration)

St Hilda's Secondary School

In this lesson demonstration, teachers use the Depth-Clarity-Logic-Accuracy-Precision (DCLAP) guideline to scaffold students' scientific explanation. From a given scenario, students post their initial explanation on an online forum. Guided by DCLAP, students provide peer feedback on other group's explanation. Quality scientific explanation is constructed through iterative feedback and amendment.

Learning Across Schools (Adaptation & Localisation of Practices)

River Valley High School

Students participate in an Active Learning model, where they use group whiteboarding to discuss a given phenomenon by collaboratively crafting an explanation online. These explanations, when posted online allow ideas to be assessed for accuracy, clarity and precision by other students. The discourse that takes place in this evaluation process is recorded to inform the level of students' scientific communication.

Sengkang Secondary School

Teachers make use of simulations to engage students' inquiry in the concept of density. Students present their ideas by constructing explanations to explain the concept buoyancy via widgets set up on a Google site. Conceptual understanding and scientific reasoning is learnt collaboratively through iterative peer feedback and improvement.