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The Yellowstone Kidnapping That Wasn't

Sam Archer and her Nature Club friends go on a field trip to Yellowstone National Park. Everything seems fun until they find out the superintendent's son may have been kidnapped there. Read The Yellowstone Kidnapping That Wasn't to find out how this mystery kidnapping is solved.

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The Truth About Truman School

Two friends at Truman High decide to start a website where students can post whatever they want and don't have to write what teachers tell them to write. It started out an innocent website, but quickly took a turn for the worse. Students start to use the website to cyberbully one popular girl in the school. Read, The Truth About Truman School to find out how they stopped the online bullying.

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Lawn Boy

One day I was 12 years old and broke. Then Grandma gave me Grandpa's old riding lawnmower. I set out to mow some lawns. More people wanted me to mow their lawns. And more and more…

One client was Arnold the stockbroker, who offered to teach me about "the beauty of capitalism. Supply and Demand. Diversify labor. Distribute the wealth." "Wealth?" I said. "It's groovy, man," said Arnold.

If I'd known what was coming, I might have climbed on my mower and putted all the way home to hide in my room. But the lawn business grew and grew. So did my profits, which Arnold invested in many things. And one of them was Joey Pow the prizefighter. That's when my 12th summer got really interesting.

Gary Paulsen's comic story about a summer job becomes a slapstick lesson in business as one boy turns a mountain of grass into a mountain of cash.

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School of Fear

The thirteen year old kids are sent to a school to overcome their worst fears and phobias. They must work together to get through them. Madeleine Masterson has a fear of spiders. Theodore Bartholomew is scared of dying. Lulu Punchalower is scared of tight spaces, and Garrison Feldman is terrified of deep water. In order to pass this school in six weeks they must come face to face with each of their fears. Find out what happens if they fail at facing their fears in School of Fear.

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The Titanic is meant to be unsinkable, but as it begins its maiden voyage, there's plenty of danger waiting for four of its young passengers. Paddy is a stowaway, escaping a deadly past. Sophie's mother is delivered to the ship by police - after she and Sophie have been arrested. Juliana's father is an eccentric whose riches can barely hide his madness. And Alfie is hiding a secret that could get him kicked off the ship immediately.
The lives of these four passengers will be forever linked with the fate of Titanic. And the farther they get from shore, the more the danger looms. . . .

Read all three in the series!

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