CTS Snapshot


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Snapshot News:

Below is our Year 7 Drama Group, they have been working with Ms Hallybone in the after school club.
Mrs Rice has shared these wonderful pieces of work from her Year 9 English Literature class who have been working on Poetry. The annotation of "Exposure" is by Willow, "The Charge of the Light Brigade" is by Gabriela W and "Remains" is by Brooke.

Well done to these Year 8 students who entered the UKMT junior challenge, pictured with their certificates. A very difficult challenge that took a lot of courage to even attempt. Well done to Maya, Shane, Marian, Lucy, Oskar, Bailey, Chloe, Ollie, Zhivko, Harrison, Bianca, Dominik, Freddie, Ronnie, Kyle and Toby.

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Top Lesson Stars

Students receive lesson stars where a teacher feels a student has made an excellent contribution in their lesson. Some students receive multiple lesson stars across the week, below are the students who have received the most stars for each year group this week:

Year 7:

Aleksandra 7TA, Sophie 7CA, Max 7CA, Judah 7CO, Kristof 7TA and Finley 7TE.

Year 8:

Liam 8ST, Chloe 8ST, Mariyah 8SW, Rene 8CA, Sophie 8TE, Urszula 8TA, Daniils 8ST and Harry 8SW.

Year 9:

Jana 9CA, Ksenija 9CA, Keria 9SW, Matthew 9ST, Cameron 9CA, Jaasau 9CA, Jess 9CA< Tanya 9TA, Adam 9CA and Kia 9TE.

Year 10:

Thomas 10CO, Ellie 10TA, Tye 10CA, Abigail 10CO, Daria 10SW, Julia 10CA, Hendrik 10TE, George 10ST , Brandon W 10ST and Gus 10TA.

Subject Highlights:


Mrs Wynn has nominated 8C1 for their hard work and commitment to their studies.

Also 7ST for their focus and showing great subject knowledge in the 'Find the gap' test.

Mrs Ferns would like to say well done to Y8A1 group in maths lessons this week for their fantastic effort and attitude.

Mr Lee has nominated Beth, Amelia, Tye, Liam, Darcey and Bradley in Year 10 for excellent work in all their maths lessons this week. Also nominated is Sanita (9SW) for an excellent attitude towards learning this term and her success with our unit of work on compound interest


9TE – Great work by Julia and Kia this week, you’ve really improved ukulele technique and resilience! A special mention to CJ for his continued enthusiasm for ukulele and well done for successfully playing the strumming pattern.

9CO – Miss Jenkins was particularly impressed with Ashton, who gave up his break time to catch up on some ukulele technique that he had missed. Fantastic commitment!

8CO- Miss Patrick would like to mention Harry, Kara, Angela, Martin and Isabella for their drumming performance this week. Each group was perfectly in time and used a variety of complex rhythms – excellent! Kitty also deserves a mention for practicing writing out rhythms in her book and performing them, this showed great resilience.

8TE – Miss Jenkins would like to celebrate Rhys and Patrikas who both made a great start to our drumming unit.

7SW - Tyler worked particularly hard this week – well done for recording in your triad independently. Miss Patrick was also very impressed with Klaudia for finding triads on the keyboard so quickly – great work!

7CO – Nicola I did some excellent work on Garageband this week, and demonstrated fantastic keyboard skills.


Mrs Sahota would like to nominate the following students this week:

Year 10D Spanish Group, Tola, Cameron B, Dwayne, Jenna, Dawid, Annie, Saul, Naomi and Wiktor. Mrs Sahota has been very impressed with all of their hard work and focus and they have achieved good results in their recent writing assessment. Well done. Keep up the great work!


Mrs Rice has nominated Year 10 students Nikodem, Tola and Josie for their excellent exam responses and exam preparation for their assessments. Well done! Also nominated are 8A1for their wonderful creative descriptions of an deserted island- well done!

Mrs Brown has made the following nominations this week:

Year 10 have been preparing for their assessments, Special praise goes to Alex P, George S, Brandon W, Tye W. Also in year 10, thank you 10BP2 for excellent annotations of the poem The Emigree, a special mention to Oscar for completing some excellent language homework which has shown fantastic progress in preparation for the assessments.

Year 9 English have been annotating two poems, 'Remains' and 'Exposure'. The group have completed some highly detailed work. Special mentions to Olivia W, Alex B, Jassau, Rhia N, Chanelle and Jolanta for sensitive and detailed contributions to class. Finally, in Year 8 special mentions to Kacper L, Olivia C, Natalia R, Harrison B, Kurtis M, Rene H and Sophie K for consistent excellent attitude and great class notes in our studies.


Mrs Vaghadia has nominated her Year 10 Sociology class for their excellent contribution to the lesson and working hard in preparation for their assessment. Also nominated are

7A2 English, in particular, Kevin, Sean, Alessandro, Florence, Finn, Finley, Ole, Mason, for their consistent excellent contribution to the lesson. These students in particular have been excelling in giving great in depth responses and are working really hard.

Mr Strumpher has nominated 8CO and 7CO for working really hard in their Geography lessons. In particular, Toby, Mariyah and Jake (8SW) who are working hard and developing their knowledge.

Miss Bird would like to say well done to 10C history who worked really hard in lesson this week. 7TA have had a fabulous week in both Geography and History! Especially Logan, Oscar and Antonio. Their focus and dedication to the lesson has not gone unnoticed!

Well done 9TE who completed their assessment, I hope your hard work over the year pays off!


Mrs Firmin has nominated Blanka, Andreea and Luke in 7CO for phenomenal homework – all three went above and beyond the requirements.


Mrs Firmin has nominated 9SW who have all made an excellent effort on their figure drawing – working particularly hard were Kent, Chae-Thai, Sanita, Ana, Jacson, Jamila, Melissa, and Ruben.


Miss McGrath has nominated 9TA for fantastic form time discussions surrounding success habits. Also nominated are 10E Biology for fantastic questions surrounding the immune system and the use of different vaccines.


Students of the Week for week 3 are:

Abi 7SW, Rene 8CA, Riley 9TE, Julia 10CA. Sport Science student of the week is Klaudia 10TE and Year 12 Sport and Physical Activity student of the week is Lee.

Assembly Music:

This week’s assembly was themed around the Fundamental British Value of Tolerance. Our assembly music is from John Cage. He is an experimental composer, and this is unlikely to be like anything you have heard before! Although he is now considered to be one of the most influential composers of contemporary art music, many people were not tolerant of his radical approaches when he first started. Click below for the link: