Chapter 16 section 2 Transcaucasia

By: Andrea Salazar


Historical events, Government and Economy:

Historical events:

  • In 18th century, the troops of the Russian Empire joined the list of invaders in Transcaucasia.
  • Russia start to control the southern region
  • Though they did enjoy independence for little bit not much.

  • Azerbaijan is a republic with a presidential from of government.
  • There constitution was made to protect the independence.
  • They have a democratic from of government.


  • The subtropical lowlands and foothills of the region are ideal for valuable crops such as tea and fruits
  • The most important fruit grown here is the grape which they use for their most famous wine
  • The oil business doesn't only affect the oil-rich republics. It also affects Armenia and Georgia, because of the oil producers they want to build pipelines across their territory to bring the oil to market.


  • The education program of the Soviet Union had a largely positive impact on its people.
  • They also have a high quality educational systems.
  • In the Georgian culture they have mealtime celebration called Supra.
  • Supra involves breathtaking amounts of food and drinks.
  • Georgians take this celebration very seriously , because this show a sign of respect to there tradition.