You're Finally a Freshman

It's about time...

Intro to your Freshman year!

Hi! My name is Alliya Allwine. I am currently a sophomore at Shenango High School. I have learned a lot of information through of my course in 9th grade English. Putting in your full attention and effort will do you well for this class. Going to class just listening is not going to be very effective. You should be prepared to do a lot of in class work, but it really pays off.

Course Contents

Through out the curse we read several books. We read "The Hunger Games" and along with that we watched the movie. We read and watched "Romeo and Juliet". We read and watched "The Odyssey". We also did a poetry unit and watch "Louder than a Bomb".
Adam Gottlieb, Poet Breathe Now

What I Enjoyed About English 9...

This year we moved around the class room a lot. I love moving each nine week, I just do. I love doing group projects, and working with the Chromebooks. It fun to switch things up in class, which Mrs. Allen does very often.

What I enjoyed less about english 9...

I hate reading. I always have, and this year we read... a lot. However, this assignments were not unbearable to accomplish. I did not like reading all the short stories in the beginning of the year either. That's probably because I hate reading.

Advice i have for you is...

Come prepared to work. This is not a fly by class, there is a lot of work. It will not be easy if you expect to come in and get an "A". You will have to work for your grade in English 9.

Last 5 tips to helps get along with mrs. allen...

1.) Do your work!

2.) Don't try to get out of work, just do it.

3.) Stay on task.

4.) Don't act like an idiot during class.

5.) Come to class ready to work until the end, because you will work.

"The elevator to success is out of order. You will need to use the stairs... on step at a time."

~Joe Girard