Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School

Kaden Sutton

Book Info

This book was published in 2015. The genre is fiction. The author is Jeff Kinney.

Summary of the book

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School This story is about Greg Heffley's family trying to get him to lay off the video games, and electronics. It starts when Greg hears his mom talking about "The good old days." When everyone was together and everyone wasn't on electronics. Greg's mom suggested that they have a no electronic weekend all throughout the town. But, Greg didn't like that idea and was wondering why we had go back. He thought it didn't really matter. He was thinking of all the luxuries of today and how horrible it would be to go back without all the electronics he loved. While being questioned by his mom his dad joined in too. Agreeing that he should put up the electronics which made Greg very mad. Not only did this make Greg mad but, also living with a pig did, yes he lived with a real pig. Manny, his younger brother had won him from the fair a few weeks back. The pig acted like it owned the place and he ran around on all fours and even ate at the table with them. To make it even more crowded their grandpa moved in with them because he got his drivers license taken away.

Through all of this stress Greg's older brother Rodrick needed money. Greg's mom said she wasn't going to give him money anymore. Instead, she was going to help him find a job. Greg wanted to tag along with them to help look for a job. After looking for about 15 minutes they found a job ad for the Old-Timey ice cream parlor. The job was to be old-Timey Tobias the ice cream parlors mascot. The worst thing was the ice cream parlor was really nasty to eat at. They dump all the ice cream in a huge troth and everyone in the restaurant eats from it. But, Rodrick didn't care he was still going to get his money. The next day they thought they should go see Rodrick at his work but when they got there he wasn't there so they went looking for him. As they were looking they found him on the side of the road walking home. He was seen with his mask off by a customer and they fired him. The next day at school all the talk was about the annual trip to Hardscrabble Farms. It's a camping trip where you learn how settlers and people in older times lived and worked. Greg wasn't planning to go and thought it was going to be a waste of time. He remembered when his older brother Rodrick went on the trip and something happened and he layed in bed all weekend traumatized. Later that day, after school, they all went out to eat but grandpa didn't want to go so he stayed home. After they ate and got home they instantly heard loud music and talking. Grandpa had thrown a party with some ladies he knew back in his town. Immediately, Greg's dad ran inside and kicked everyone out. The next morning Greg woke up and noticed his mom was gone. His dad said she had gone to put up posters for the no electronic weekend. She had talked him in to going without electronics for the weekends. The day was tomorrow and Greg wasn't ready. He woke up the next morning, got dressed, and walked downstairs. He was surprised to see all of the people joining in and heading to the park. He couldn't believe that so many kids were willing to give up their most beloved electronics. With so much free time to spare Greg had an idea to start a lemonade stand. Since his house was on the way to the park and so many people getting hot and sweaty he could make some serious money. His dad gave him twenty dollars to get the business started. It was going good until one lady noticed that they had one cup and everyone was drinking from it. Then another neighbor set up an amazing looking stand and made there stand look like trash. He gave up on the lemonade stand and headed for the park. When they got to the park they immediately noticed everyone was hot and sweaty and the water fountain wasn't working so they ran back home and filled jugs of water to sell to people in the park. Unfortunately, his mom noticed them right away and said it was horrible to charge volunteers so they ended up giving the water away for free.

Throughout the day they worked on flower beds and they cleaned up park equipment. Later, the girl scouts arrived and asked to sell cookies and Greg's mom let them. She even bought some and that made Greg really mad. Why couldn't they sell water but, they could sell cookies? Greg was fed up and he went home to eat and go to sleep. The next morning Greg woke up to brush his teeth he unscrewed they cap and accidentally dropped it down the drain. He panicked and quickly ran downstairs and grabbed a wrench. Back upstairs, he unscrewed the valve to get the cap and swoosh, a ton of water came out and so did the cap. There was a huge puddle on the floor. He got it cleaned up and headed downstairs. When he got downstairs, he looked up to see that the water had leaked through the ceiling. Greg and grandpa were the only ones home. What a mess! Grandpa could not get repair items since he didn't have a license. But, grandpa driving was his only choice. He couldn't stand to think about his dad yelling at him. When they were about a mile away from the hardware store the car sputtered out and stopped. They were out of gas. Grandpa got out of the car and told Greg to watch the car because he was going to walk to the hardware. While he was sitting in the car waiting, he kicked up his legs and accidentally hit the parking break. Slowly, but gaining speed, the car rolled down the road. Soon he saw grandpa but rolled on past him. Now the car was heading right for the ditch. BOOM! Into the ditch he went. Greg hopped out and waited about two hours for the towing company. The next day was the school trip to Hardscrabble Farms and Greg saw it as opportunity to get away from his family and relax so he went. When they got there they got off the bus just as another bus was leaving. Greg looked up to see a kid inside the leaving bus holding a sign that said beware of Silas Scratch. He was a folktale of a old farmers spirit that haunted kids at this camp. They got their bags and headed towards the main hall where they got assigned to their groups. Luckily, he got paired up with his best friend Rowley. As the week went on they learned how to start fires and do other things like settlers. Even through having to take showers with cold water or somebody putting a fish in the toilet he still had a great time. He realized that his mom was right. Old-School wasn't so bad.


The setting of this book is an average household in the US in late spring or early summer. The setting effects the plot because in this day and age a lot of people are on electronics a large majority of the time which prompted Greg's mom to promote no electronic day. Another part of the setting that effected the plot was that it was summer and it was hot so that caused people wanted to stay inside and play their electronics. The setting also effected the plot because all of Greg's friends lived in town, making him want to play video games with them all day. Another setting that effected the plot was Hardscrabble Farms when no one could use electronics or have any luxuries at home which caused some people to change their opinion. For instance, realizing it was either okay or people going crazy without their phones.
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Protagonists and Antagonists

The protagonist of the story is Greg, he is a very lazy person. I can prove this because in the book Greg doesn't like to move around he likes to sit and relax and do nothing. This shows that he is lazy. Another way I can show you he is lazy is because he didn't really want to help at the community park day in the hot sun. He just wanted to stay home in the air conditioning. Lastly, Greg can be proven to be lazy because he doesn't like doing his homework. So, he hires someone to do it, this shows that Greg is too lazy to take the initiative to do his homework.

The antagonist of the story is Greg's mom. She is a persistent person. I know this because she is always trying to get people off there phones and to go outside. She tries many ways to encourage people off their electronics. This shows that she is persistent to getting people off their phones and electronics. Another way she is persistence is when she kept putting up signs for the no electronic weekend. This shows that she was persistent enough to keep trying and remained positive about the day. Her persistency also shows in the way she is always trying to keep the family close. I can prove this because she is always finding games and activities for the family to do together. This shows she is persistent of keeping her family together.

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Point of View

The point of view of the story is told from Greg's perspective. This is first person. It is important that Greg told it because we get a view of every family member. We also get a view of what his life is like and his unique situation. In the story it is easy to see that he doesn't like the idea of why his mom is trying to take away the electronics. On the other hand, if the story was being told from his mom's side it would be a lot different. The story being told in Greg's perspective is important because if he didn't tell his side we never would have gotten to see what the trip to Hardscrabble Farms was like, and ended up meaning to him.

Conflicts of the story

1. One of the first conflicts was Greg playing his video games a lot and his mom wanting him to stop but he didn't. He and his mom got into an argument. This was external.

2. Another conflict was when their grandpa moved in. This caused them to change rooms and they also had to change the way the lived with him there. This was external.

3. Next another conflict of the story was when the lemonade stand had issues with taste and quality so Greg had to shut it down. This was internal.

4. Another conflict of the story was when Greg dropped the toothpaste cap down the drain. When this happened he had his grandpa drive to the hardware store to get stuff for the wet ceiling, which led to the car crashing into a ditch. This was external.


The theme that I thought of was, give something a try you might actually like it. This theme relates to the book because when Greg tried laying off the electronics he actually liked it. He realized it wasn't so bad at Hardscrabble Farms. This shows that if you try something, even though you are hesitant you might actually like it. Another thing Greg tried was spending more time with his family. When he did that he realized that he really enjoyed it and he had fun. This is another example of if you give something a try you might actually like it.