All about Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Jean L.

Who's Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave people hope and courage during hard times. Many people thought that he was the greatest president in our nation. Mr.Roosevelt was a diligent man even though he had a disability. FDR was an amazing leader.

Early life.

From an early age Mr.Roosevelt believed that the most important work he could do to help others was public service. Franklin D. Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park,New York City,in 1882. Roosevelt was an only child to be born. So he didn't have any brothers or sisters. He only had a pony name Debbie which he rode around his big house . When Franklin Delano Roosevelt went to boarding school he realized he wanted to help people in need. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a helpful leader in a early age.

Hard times.

Mr.Roosevelt had hard times doing his work in 1921. In 1921 he got a serious disease that affected his ability to walk. Roosevelt exercised diligently also hoping he could be able to walk again. Franklin D. Roosevelt went to Warm Springs in Georgia to get a treatment. Even though Roosevelt had polio, he never gave up.

What did he do to help others?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a great leader to lots of people. After college Roosevelt went to law school. In 1932 Mr.Roosevelt became president of United States and 12 millions of people in United States did not have jobs! As president of United States Mr.Roosevelt started a program called ''The New Deal'' to get people back to work. He gave food,clothing,and housing to people in need. Programs he started still help people today. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a diligent president to the United States Of America.


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