GES Year in Review


Thank you for sharing your children with us!

As we take time to look back on the 2015-16 school year there are so many emotions to be expressed. We have excitement for the growth the students have made, there is joy for the times your children made us smile, and there is pause and reflection for the changes that occur.
Thank you! Thank you for supporting your school, teachers, staff and children! We make a great team TOGETHER! Thank you to the BEST PTO in the state of Indiana! Our parent volunteers and PTO volunteers are simply amazing. We could not do what we do each day with our students without your amazing hard work in raising money and volunteering your time. Thank you to PTO President Kelly Thompson, the executive board and committee chairs for all of your hard work and leadership! Thank you parents for your follow through and support each day! WELL DONE TEAM!
First let's talk about celebrations. We want to celebrate the teacher of the year Susan Hillman and our staff member of the year Fran Michelini. Both demonstrate the excellence of HSE Schools! Their hard work and dedication to the Geist families is outstanding! Thank you ladies and congratulations!

We must take time to celebrate the amazing staff that we have a GES. From the bus drivers that bring your children to school, to the cafeteria staff that feed them, to the amazing support staff and teachers within the building that help them day in and day out, we truly are blessed! It truly takes an amazing community and school family to be 14th in the state!

Next we want to celebrate the children! From their inquisitive questions, to their joyfulness in sharing, to the moment when the light bulb comes on we are honored that you've selected GES as your school. Thank you for sharing your children with us.
We take time to reflect on the changes that are occurring. We want to wish Julie Killinger, Wanda Meeks and Debbie Ramos the best in the new chapter of their lives! As they go into retirement we thank them for their service to GES.

I want to thank you for your support of the referendum! With your vote of yes and your vote of confidence in the work that we do, we will be bringing additional support and resources to our district. We thank you for your commitment to providing the best education possible for all children!

Lastly we take time to reflect and honor Dayo, a little boy who blessed us with his radiant smile and joyful spirit! We look forward to his memory continuing within our Geist family! We look forward to our apple trees producing fruit and many games of GaGa taking place on the playground!

Now we look ahead to the 2016-17 school year with anticipation! We will be working hard next year to continue our HSE21 best practices of student ownership, choice, authentic learning, inquiry and differentiation. We look forward to bringing back the Marketplace and taking time to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of our school family. I have encouraged our staff to have the student at the forefront of their mind in setting up their rooms next year. When we start the year, the walls may look very bare. The goal is to create the room with your children and for you to see your student's work. Your child spends almost 8 hours a day with us! We want them to be involved in the development of their classroom!

Next year after retirements and the referendum, we will bring many new great people to GES. We will even have an assistant principal (I might be just a little excited about that one). We are excited to service our community with lower class size and more front office support for students, staff and parents!

Thank you for a wonderful year at GES. I hope your summer is full of joy and adventure! The homework for the summer is to play -play -play! Enjoy the sun, a good book and most of all each other.

We will see everyone back August 8 from 5 to 6:30 for the ice cream social. Have a great summer everyone,
Christi Thomas

Have a wonderful summer!