Real Estate Broker

by: Haley Mckenzie

What does a real estate broker do?

A real estate broker is a person who helps clients buy, sell or rent properties. A real estate broker has to acquire a licence to manage their own real estate business, relating to being self-employed and setting their own schedules. A real estate broker can also work for a commercial real estate firm overseeing transactions and clientele.
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Work schedule:

  • Find clients to sell properties too while also meeting their needs.
  • Show properties to clients.
  • Pursue offers on properties.
  • Present offers of purchase to sellers.
  • Research properties for sale.
  • Hold open houses for interested buyers

Work Environment:

  1. Attend sales training once licenced.
  2. Hire coaches to show how to be successful in the real estate business.
  3. Involves a wide range of competition.
  4. Includes Personal and complex transaction.
  5. Can be a stressful, fast-paced career.

Training and experience:

With an average sales price of $150,000 , In order to become a real estate broker, you must complete 40 to 72 hours of pre-license training and a written exam. Being a real estate broker you work alone which means you voluntarily attend open houses and have little or no supervision.

Personal skills:

  • Speaking
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Negotiating deals
  • Active listening


Based on your level of experience a real estate broker can make between $56,000 to $84,000. On average, a real estate broker can receive a yearly salary of $76,200.