Demolition Derby

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What is a Demolition Derby?

A demolition derby is a event where thousands of people come to see cars smash into each other.
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Why do People Cut holes in Their Car Hoods?

Demolition derby rules state that contenders are required to cut holes in the hoods of thier cars for safety reasons it makes it easy to put out the fire because usually it is in the engine.
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How Much Money do You Get?

You would normally get up to $3,000 but the biggest win was up to $100,000.people would usually use that money to fix their cars. (duh)

Do They Only Use Standerd Cars?

NO in some events they use buses in others they use tractors and other large vehicles but the main vehicle is a car.

Some People Think the Cars Are Junk?

At first the cars are not junk but then they are striped down to make them deby ready.

Do Girls Attend

YES, girls do attend you might think girls would be scared (boys) but many girls attend each year for this car slamming event some girls even participate in the championship.

Do Kids Enter

Most kids would rather not be hit by another car but yes kids do attend this event but only in electric little cars.

What Kind of Cars do They Use?

The kind of cars that they use is usually 1970 year model because they are built strong and pack more of a punch because how heavy they are.

Why do People Bring Blankets?

NO it is not because they are cold it is because when the cars slide out mud goes everywhere (of course do not bring your favorite blanket from when you where a baby) so keep that in mind next time you go to a demolition derby.