2016 Fashion Trends

Ronald Afarnu | Period 1 | January 5th, 2016


I think the color black will be a huge trend this year; most streetwear enthusiasts and teenagers seem to be wearing more and more black and "all black" outfits

Salmon Pink

Since summer of 2015, I've noticed an uproar of liking towards the color the shade of pink: salmon. I think this is due to the fact many celebrities are taking a liking to the color.
For example: Drake

Either way, I predict this color will become a giant trend in 2016.

Moto Jeans

Towards the end of 2015, I've also noticed many teens my age in these jeans.

Personally, I think they are hideous; but one thing is for certain: these will make a huge impact on the outfits of many teens in 2016.

Trench Parka

Trench parkas have been extremely popular throughout the years of 2014 and 15, and I predict that its popularity will grow.

Kanye West's YEEZYs

These shoes have gained so much popularity, that they sell out in less than 30 seconds when released, and resell values range anywhere from $1,000-2,000. These shoes are in high demand.

Retail: $400 for hightops/ $200 for lowtops.