Become a United States Citizen

Steps of Naturalization:

Are you eligible?

You must be 18 years of age with good character, and you must be living in the United States!

Application Completion

  • You must complete an N-400
  • Two I.D photographs are needed
  • All documents must be available
  • Application fee of $320
  • Biometric fingerprinting fee of $70

Getting Fingerprinted

  • Must schedule an appointment from USCIS
  • Go to set location
  • Fingerprint must be taken
  • Mail documents upon request

Interview & Testing

  • Study Study Study!
  • Receive appointment time (be on time for that!)
  • Bring Identification with you
  • Answer all background questions that are asked
  • Take english and civics tests!
  • Receive a decision

Oath of Allegiance

  • Find out your ceremony date!
  • Check into ceremony
  • Return resident card
  • Answer all of the questions asked
  • Take oath of Allegiance and become a United States Citizen!