By Annette Reynolds

When did Luxembourg join the European Union?

Luxembourg joined the European Union in 1952. Luxembourg was also one of the founders of the European Union

History of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg was apart of Germany before.

Luxembourg is fiftey degreese north and six degreese east ,also is in the middle of Germany, Belgium, and France.

Luxembourg's flag.

It was adopted on June 23 1972 it was influenced by the French flag.

Four major cities in Luxembourg is Luxembourg city, esch-sur-alzette, dudelange, and schiffange.

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Tourist attraction in Luxembourg

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This attracts tourist because it is so Beautiful and it is called by most people Europe's most beautiful balcony.

Physical features.

Luxembourg is a landlock seperated from the North Sea by Belgium. Luxembourg is 223 miles (359 killimeters). Luxembourg is slightly less smaller than Rhode Island. Has shallow valleys and has some mountonius areas in the north.

Government type

Luxembourg's government type is constitutional monarchy ; which is a form of government that has a king or queen that has the power to act like the head of the state

Luxembourg's Currency

Luxembourg's currency is euro but It was Luxembourg franc, for example if we have $10 it would equal $9.80.

Three interesting facts about Luxembourg.

Three interesting facts about Luxembourg is:

-20th smallest country out of 194 independent countries

-national animal of Luxembourg is a lion

-they only have one university in the country