Go Ask Alice

Diary of a teenage girl

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  • worried about typical teenage things: crush, weight gain, friends, parents
  • her family moves to a new town, and she has a lot of trouble adjusting while the rest of the family feels very comfortable
  • visits grandparents during the summer, and she runs into her old friend, Jill
  • continues her drug use and loses her virginity while on acid
  • doesn't know who she can talk to about drugs
  • goes back home and makes a new friend named Chris...hippie
  • comes home after a while but runs away again
  • starts a new diary for her "new" life
  • ends up in a mental hospital
  • goes home


Difficult Communication
Alice begins her diary because she does not have anybody to talk to. She is searching for someone who understands her. She begins to use drugs, because they make her feel in touch with nature and others. Alice tries to find a best friend going through Greta, Beth, and Chris but finds these people are not suitable and that her diary is the only person that understands her. She writes really deep thoughts in her journal because no one is fulfilling this role in her life. Throughout her various recoveries, Alice tries to speak to her family, but she is unable to fully open up to them. Alice's discussions with other teen runaways at the mental hospital make her realize that she wants to become a social worker. The therapy leaders discussed with her that when people to do share their thoughts with others that they become "distorted" so Alice wants to be there for other people to share their thoughts to. She begins to truly understand that open communication is precious and difficult because of how uncomfortable it is. Alice begins to slowly put her trust in Joel while sharing her past with him and is able to discard her diary.

Problems with Identity

One of Alice's biggest problems is not knowing who she is. She uses drugs as an escape from her problems. Drugs help her be able to connect with others and feel welcome. Alice goes back and forth from feeling not independent enough to being homesick. Her family offers her a chance to become the person she wants to be. She forms a really good relationship with her family, and she really feels like she belongs. She grows into a very responsible and mature person and the big sister she always wanted to be.

Favorite Parts

  • welcome by her family
  • goes to the mental hospital
  • gets out of the mental hospital

Least Favorite Parts

  • drops back into drugs when she says she will stay clean
  • her peers drug her
  • when her grandparents die
  • the end


  • not a fifteen year old girl-structure and content (drugs vs. love)
  • not diary type writing
  • her fate with drugs is part of a plot
  • no one has been able to track done who it is after 40 years
  • The name "Alice" is from the song of "White Rabbit" in Alice in Wonderland
  • the product of Go Ask Alice is from the author Beatrice Sparks who wrote a number of other books having to do with teenage difficulties
  • all other teenagers in the book that do drugs come from a broken home
  • the book's copyright states that it is fiction