Muscular Dystrophy

Brief description

*Strength in muscles and joints decline

*Muscle mass is lost

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Type of disorder

Muscular Dystrophy is a sex linked disorder, its only possible to get if you inherit it.


*Problems with coordination

*Muscle weakness

*joint stiffness


*learning difficulties

Problems running/walking

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Average age

Before 6 years old

Gender Specific?

*Boys are more affected

*If girls do have Muscular Dystrophy they rarely show symptoms


*Medicine and therapy can help but it is not curable

*fish oil

*Vitamin E

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How does it affect a person's life?

*Most likely will need a wheelchair

*Will need a ramp to get into there house

*Physicians recomend a diet in high proteins and low in carbs and fat

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What are scientists and genetics doing to help treat this disorder?

Scientists and genetics are actively researching.

Some strategies are inserting dystrophin, changing cells, and manipulating proteins