Gaius Julius Caesar

By:Kelly Martinez

Gaius Julius Caesar, was born in July 12,100 BCE. Julius was born in Rome, Italy. His occupation was a dictator,general.His name was Gaius Julius Caesar,but in a shorter way, they called him Julius Caesar.Julius died in MArch 15, 44 BCE ,in Rome,Italy.

Julius Caesar's Jurney

Ceasar's Marrige

When Ceasar was 16,his father,Gaius Ceasar died.He stayed close with his mother Aurelia.Later when time passed, Ceasar married Cossutia.Then,at age of 18,he married again,Cornelia. When Sulla became dictator,he forced Ceasar to divorced Cornelia,but Ceasar refussed. When Ceasar refused, Sulla said she was going to proscribed him (listen among those to be executed ) but Ceasar went to hide.Later on Ceasar friends & family pardon him.Since Cornelia died at 26,Caesar married Pompeia right after Cornelia's death.
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Ceasar,was on the staff of the military legate,& he was awarded a civic crown,( oak leaves )for saving a life of a citizen on a battle.When Sulla died, Ceasar returned home to be a lawyer (throughout his life he was known as an eloquent speaker) & he also went to be a town man.

Ceasar's Divorced

After a while,Ceasar divorced Pompeia because she was known to be with an other man,although the man had been acquitted on the law court;Ceasar has been reported to have said;The wife of Ceasar has been above suspicion ,suggesting that he has been so exceptional that anyone associated with him had to be free of any hint of scandal.