Colour Depth and Pixels Per Inch/Centimetre

a) Explain the representation of an image as a series of pixels represented in Binary.

Each colour has an assigned binary value, therefore when we look at images, each pixel is it up, depending on what colour is meant to be made. For example, we cannot actually see the colour Yellow, while on a computer screen. In a monitor, there are only 3 colours; Red, Blue, and Green. These colours are told when to light up and how much power they are given. Back to the point. If I was to make a 3x3 square with the colours of Red, Green and Blue, I would substitute them like this:

011 010 100

100 011 010

010 100 011

This translates to:

Green Blue Red

Red Green Blue

Blue Red Green

I have made these codes up, but in the motherboard, this is how it works. If i wanted a higher resolution, I would make the square bigger and bigger, therefore I could have more detail in the picture.

b) Explain the need for metadata included in the file such as height, width, and colour depth.

c) Discuss the effect of colour depth and resolution on the size of an image file.