Victims of the Holocaust

Haley Biddenstadt 7th

A Delusion About the Holocaust

Who do you think was affected during the Holocaust? Many people just think about the Jews when they think about the Holocaust, but there were so many more people that were tortured and abused and a lot of the time even killed. Besides Jewish people Gypsies, priests, homosexuals, communists, anarchists, unionists, Polish people, African Americans, twins, Jehovah's Witness, and people with disabilities were also killed.

"Impure" People of the Holocaust

Hitlers and the Nazis Views

When Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in the 1900s people began facing discrimination because of their race, religious views, or their ways of life. Gypsies were tortured and put into concentration camps like the Jewish people. Also people who were homosexuals or had some sort of disability would be killed because the Nazis considered them inferior to the human race. Hitler wanted to create a sort of "perfect" race so that they could reproduce without having any "impurities" in the German blood line. Hitler thought that people with blue eyes and blond hair would make the "perfect race."
Holocaust Digital Story: Other Persecuted Groups Targeted by Hitler


Gypsies were the second largest type of people to be abused or killed based on their race during the Holocaust. The Nazis considered their race to be inferior and considered them to be an "impure" race. Gypsies would be killed during killings in Romani called Porajmos. When Gypsies were sent to the concentration camps they would either be gassed or used for "forced labor". People were ignoring the Gypsies deaths even after the Holocaust ended, and didn't recognize their deaths until the 1980s.


During the Holocaust people were encouraged to not tell anyone their sexuality. Some people who were a homosexual during the Holocaust had to wear pink triangles on their clothes to show that they were gay. Many homosexuals were sent to jail during the holocaust, but many were also sent to concentration camps and killed. Homosexuals were considered a disgrace; therefore they were sent to concentration cams as a punishment for being who they are. There were so many killed that there were monuments built to honor them for the millions that were killed and for what kind of torture they faced.


Many people who were considered members of the church were sent to concentration camps, put in jail, or deported. They were mainly killed in concentration camps.


Josef Mengele was a Nazi doctor that experimented on twins to further his research in genetics. The experiments included amputations and injections into their eyes and so on. He once killed fourteen twins in one night. He would also inject chloroform into their hearts and he would give one of the twins a disease to see if he could help them survive using the others blood.

People with Disabilities

Nazis considered people with disabilities "unworthy of life". Institutions turned into a place where people were murdered. Nazi soldiers would tell the families of the disabled that they died from their illness and gave the family a fake death certificate when in reality they were sent to concentration camps and killed in gas chambers.


The Nazis were very racist and anti-Semitic, discrimination against Jews. Hitler also thought that Jewish people did not deserve to live and therefore were not considered the type of people to be considered part of the "perfect race". Nazis considered Jews as below them and inferior. There used to be "organized massacres" to kill many of the Jewish religion.

Pierre Seel

Pierre Seel was from France and was arrested when he was sixteen for being in a place where homosexuals were known to live in, and was put on a list stating that he was a homosexual. Because of this, Pierre was sent to a "protective custody camp". He was arrested, tortured, and beaten without a trial. His friend was sentenced to death, and was eaten by dogs for his death. Pierre also had a wife later on and never told her that he was gay. When Pierre's wife died he lived with his partner for his last few years. Pierre went through things a person should never have to go through just because he was gay.


Many people were murdered during the Holocaust. An estimated eleven million total people were killed during that time. There were many different groups of people that were killed during the Holocaust; such as Gypsies, priests, homosexuals, communists, anarchists, unionists, Polish people, African Americans, twins, Jehovah's Witness, Jewish people, and people with disabilities. Many suffered during this time period and have been remembered throughout the years for all the pain they went through that was put upon them.


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