Frederick Douglass


History of his childhood

He was born a slave and born at a slave cabin in Fed 1818. At the age of twelve he began to learn to read and the one that taught him was the masters wife Sophia Auld. Then she taught him how to read. She even taught him to read when it was against the law to teach slaves to read and write.

How he live his life

He worked with a plantation owner and picked different kind of vegatables and other kind of odd jobs. Then Frederick Douglass tried to escape twice, on the final attempt he was assisted by a free woman named Anna Murray. He slept over a night and began his tip to a free land.

Facts about Frederick Douglass.

During the Civil War he fought for the rights of black soldiers and lead the abolitionist movement. He escaped from slavery in the year 1838 and he was helped by a lady who later became his wife. (Anna Murray)