College/Career Update

February 10, 2020

NW Youth Careers Expo Highlights

NW Youth Careers Expo: Sign-Ups Start now!

March 10 is the date! We are able to take up to 50 SHS students to participate in this very hands-on opportunity to explore career options. You can see a list of the many exhibitors that will be in attendance attached below. Types of exhibitors include:

  • Design and Construction
  • Transportation, Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Arts and Communications
  • Business, Sports, and Apparel
  • Public and Human Services
  • Energy
  • Technology

Students will be attending from 11:00AM to 1:30PM, so will be gone from around 9:45AM to 3:00PM. Sign-ups will be in the counseling office.

Stayton Police Cadet Program

A great way to get involved in law enforcement is to become a part of the cadet program. And, you don't have to wait until you are graduated to do so! Attached below is a brochure about the program. You will learn skills and gain experience to prepare you for a law enforcement career, and/or help you know if it is right for you. I also have information for a similar program through Marion County.

Campus Focus: IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) Portland

This short video will tell you what it is like to become an electrical apprentice with the IBEW. Great can start working right away while training! Other trade apprenticeship programs have similar work and school structures.
Join IBEW Local 48 - Become an IBEW Apprentice

Important Upcoming Calendar Events

February 15/March 1: OSAC Scholarships: Early Bird Scholarship (having it done) February 15, Scholarships close March 1.

February 29: Chemeketa Foundation Scholarship application due: Based on merit or need, you need to have been admitted to Chemeketa for next fall before you can apply.

NW Careers Expo March 10.

Chemeketa Scholars Application: Due March 9-13.

College Decision Day: May 1


I'll be coming to visit you in your US History classes soon. I'll be talking about steps you should be taking now to prepare for college and career options, and to answer any questions. Relevant ones especially :)
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Oregon Jaycees: $2000 scholarship, must have a 3.75 GPA to apply. Due April 17, see attached application below.

McFadden Scholarship: Kevin McFadden was a recent SHS graduate who passed away, and his family has created a scholarship fund in his memory. This scholarship is specifically for students who are entering a trade program, as these programs are one place where he excelled. This is only open to SHS and a few other nearby schools, so if you are considering studying a trade, get an application in the counseling office or my office.

Sister Adele Scholarship: See Below.

Oregon PTA scholarship: For students planning to study teaching, due March 10.

Lots more scholarships HERE and in recent, past newsletters from me!

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