Everything You Need To Know About Burns and Scalds

What is dangerous about burns and scalds?

Due to the fact that childrens skin is much more thinner and sensitive, they are prone to getting more severe burns or scalds. These injuries are enough to land the child in hospital for extended amounts of time (burns take a lot longer to heal compared to other injuries) or even sadly cause death.

Some Safety Concerns to Keep in Mind

~Hot drinks, cooking oils and foods are the most common causes of admissions into hospitals due to burns and/or scalds.

~Home heaters, fires, BBQs and irons are the leading causes of burns.

~Scalding injuries occur mainly due to children spilling hot drinks onto themselves.

~Hot water burns like fire! Water at 60 degrees takes one second to fatally scald a child.

Top 10 Safety Rules to Follow to Prevent Burns or Scalds

~Keep hot drinks out of reach

~Closely supervise children around BBQs

~Keep children out of the kitchen when preparing meals

~Install safety guards around heaters and fires

~Make sure saucepan/pot handles are out of reach of children

~Always test the water temperature before bathing a child (nothing over 38 degrees)

~Avoid nursing a child if you're holding a hot drink

~When running a bath always turn cold water on first and turn it off last

~If your child gets burnt remove all clothes if possible - Clothing holds heat and can cause a deeper burn

~Control the water temperature in hot taps to a maximum of 50 degrees