Lexi H

What cats need.

you need cat food for a also need water for her or him.Cats also need love.cats

love a lot of time with you . The best thing about Cats is that you do not need a leach .

Cats can get sick and trow up If you give your Cat bad food .


You should keep the kittens for at lest 6 moths so that they can go with out on there

moms.Kittens need there mom for a Willie for milk .you need every thing that you need for a cat .You need to be very careful kittens are very small kittens are a big responsibility you

can step on the kitten and hart it rally bad . kittens are so fridge so you need to be careful.

What cats eat.

All cats need food just like we do but cats eat cat food .you need to be careful that you do NOT git that wrong brand of cat food because they can get sick . Remember what cats need and what kittens need .I hope you know how to take care of a cat.I also hope you git a cat or a kitten . LOVE CATS !!!
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