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History: Stage coaches have been used since the 1800's, originating in new England. In 1827, it was perfected by J.S. Abbot and Lewis Downing. Weighing 2000 pounds and costed 1,200 to 1,500. They successfully built 3000 Coaches. There are many different type of Stagecoaches, the concord for example was a more sophisticated type. It was well built and ridden. On the other hand the Celerity Coach was built cheap, although it was faster and ran shorter routes. Ranging from travel to delivering mail, the stage coach was built to last, as mark twain quoted "A cradle on wheels".

Great way to travel

Advantages of riding our coaches:

  • Safer than traveling alone.
  • Meal cost not needed, included with cost of tickets
  • Can fit nine passengers, as well six passenger on the roof.
  • Quoted "Like a cradle on wheels."
  • Meals served at stations as well as sleep accommodations and fresh water.
  • Beautiful sight-seeing

Although no one is perfect

some imperfections:

  • Tends to get uncomfortable
  • Can get slow at 5mph.
  • Tolerance required to dirt and dust
  • If alcohol is brought, you expected to share.
  • Orders can be strict at times
  • Ex. at some point you might need to leave the Stagecoach to walk.


The Stagecoach originated in england, but was perfected in 1827 by J.S. Abbot and Lewis Downing.

How did it impact North Dakota?

The stage Coach was the best form of transportation in the 1800 (before the railroads) for pioneers to travel from one place to another.

It was a great way for stage coach lines compete for passengers, and shape the roads and railways we have today. It gave North Dakota an economical boost and a population boom, with it having many lines that go in and out, helping people move west. It played a big part in changing America forever.

Importance to settling the West

Before the railroad came to be, stage coaching was a huge boom. It helped many settling west and expand America.

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