Social Groups

Cold War Culture

Middle class

White Americans left cities for suburbs, taking economic resources and isolating themselves from other races.

5 million African Americans moved from rural south to urban areas.

60 percent of Americans were members of the middle class.

Cause: White Americans left their cities.

Reason: Isolating themselves from other races that lived there.

Result:More Americans came into the middle class.

What: Americans left their home cities.

Time Period: 1950's

Significance: More space

To whom: high class

Women Roles

Changed to home maker and mother. Number of women working outside home rose steadily, by 1960 almost 40% of mothers with children between ages 6-17 held paying jobs.

Cause: Women working at home.

Reason: Being with their children.

Result: Outside home jobs rose.

What: Women at home.

Time Period: 1950's

Location: Europe

Significance: More stay at home mothers.

To whom: Women and children.

African Americans

The first people to play baseball.

What: Baseball

Time period: 1950's

Location: Europe

Cause: Wanting something to do for the lower class.

Reason: So they don't get into trouble.

Significance: Some African Americans are great at playing baseball.

To whom: African Americans.