News Flash

October 10-14

It's A Short Week This Week

Sight Words: am, I, the, little

Letters: Tt, Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz

Reminders:We go to Kristy's Barn on Thursday. Students need to eat breakfast at home. They also need to dress for the weather. If it is cold please make sure they have a coat. If it is muddy or has rained please have them wear boots and bring sneakers.

Dates & Homework

October 10-14

Important Dates

No School Wednesday (10/12)

Homework-Students should be reading nightly from their Keepsake Book Box. They should also be practicing letter/sound recognition.

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Read sentences from today's class activity and create your own sentence at the bottom. Additionally, practice number writing using your Practice Portfolio number mat.

Wednesday: Pick an activity to work on from your Practice Portfolio. Make sure you are reviewing letters/sounds daily.

Thursday: Math Review.

Friday: Read the paper book,"At the Zoo" and add it to your Keepsake Book Box